Build and manage growth partnerships in web3

Build affiliate, referral, influencer and media-buying partnerships onchain.
Streamline partner discovery, tracking, and payouts in one platform.

Backed by leading investors:

A web3 growth solution built with smart contracts at its core

Our smart contracts bring transparency and trust to web3 growth partnerships.

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Budget Escrowing

Campaign budgets can be locked in escrow to ensure fund availability to publishers

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Wallet and On-Chain Conversion Listening

Cookieless attribution at the wallet level with support for off and on-chain conversions

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Smart triggered payouts

Fuul streams out payouts to publishers as campaign objectives are unlocked

Built On-chain

Affiliate and Referral campaigns on autopilot

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Advanced conversion tracking

Unique tracking links at scale for every partner. Unlock cross-device, cross-wallet tracking

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Automated Payouts

As Fuul validates transactions on-chain, your partners get paid by our smart contract in real time.

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On and Off-chain conversion tracking made easy

Integrating conversion events to Fuul is easy.
We provide you with insights on how all your different traffic sources convert into website events and on-chain transactions, so you can optimize your growth efforts.


Your growth platform

Discover new partners and automate tracking, attribution, and payouts

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Discover and engage with new partners through our partner directory. Find media-buying opportunities, recruit influencers and online communities to promote your project

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Campaign Setup

Set up campaigns with specific partners by defining payment terms towards campaign objectives such as onchain conversion events (affiliate or referral programs)

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Conversion Setup

Our network of smart contract listeners scans your smart contract and enables tracking for onchain conversion events. You can also integrate offchain conversion events such as Discord joins, signups, etc.

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Fuul handles click tracking and ad-serving at scale for any single partner you work with. The more traffic sources you integrate with Fuul, the more insights you will unlock

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Fuul reports campaign performance across all traffic sources and partners you work with. Unlock ROI data and stop guessing on where should you focus your efforts.

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Smart Payouts

Escrow your budgets into Fuul's smart contracts for trustless partnerships. Fuul automates payouts to partners as campaign objectives are unlocked.


Frequently Asked Questions

What chains does Fuul support?

Fuul is designed to support any L1s, L2s, or side-chains, but right now we're supporting all EVM compatible blockchains. Just let us know in which chain you have your smart contract!

How do I create an account?

Fuul is currently in private beta and invite-only. We are adding more clients to our beta every week, so please make sure to submit your email so we can connect with you.

How can I join Fuul's partner directory as an affiliate?

Apply to our partner directory below! Our partner directory exposes you as an affiliate to many web3 projects looking to scale their communities. Best of all, it's free.

Is there a Protocol fee?

Fuul's protocol fee is a mark-up fee on top of the affiliate commissions paid out through the protocol.

How does the integration look like?

Fuul does not require any technical integration. However, most of the projects prefer to integrate the Fuul SDK to provide the best user experience - just a few lines of code and you're all set!

Can Fuul guarantee affiliates will join my campaign?

Fuul cannot guarantee that affiliates in our network will opt-in to your campaign. We do share your campaign, if you want to, with affiliates so that they can learn about your project and campaign terms

For Affiliates

Apply to our partner directory

We make content monetization easy and reliable, so you can focus on what you do best, create content.

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Automated secure payouts
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Full transparency on performance
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Partner with brands you know and love
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