Fuul is now live on Base

We are thrilled to announce Fuul's launch on Base

TL;DR: We are very excited for Fuul's launch on the Base ecosystem. Now projects on Base can set up conversion events pointing at their smart contracts, and pay out commissions within the Base network. Fuul is now LIVE in private beta - request access here

We are thrilled to announce Fuul's launch on Base, a secure and cost-effective network fostering decentralized app development. The goal of Base is to make onchain the next online. In pursuit of this goal, Base will serve as both a home for Coinbase’s onchain products and an open ecosystem where anyone can build.

Why Base?‍

Base hosts 100+ diverse dapps, offering users near-zero gas fees, rapid transaction speeds, and Ethereum-backed security. Fuul aims to serve as a scalable user acquisition channel, complementing Base's goal of onboarding a billion users into the cryptoeconomy. Moreover, as interest in Web3 continues to escalate, millions of new users are expected, potentially transitioning the +100 million Coinbase user base towards on-chain interactions using Base's blockchain.

Why is this important to projects building on Base?‍

For projects building on Base, this partnership offers several valuable advantages.

Measure onchain conversion events on Base

Base projects can set conversion events for transactions occurring within their Base smart contracts. This functionality allows projects to pay for referred transactions onchain.

Pay affiliate rewards on Base

Furthermore, projects can easily deploy their affiliate program smart contract on Base. This simplifies and enhances affiliate experience while claiming their rewards, as they will now be able to claim their rewards on the Base network.

Get started today

If you are building on Base and would like to set up your affiliate marketing program today, please set up your profile on the Fuul app.
Given that the protocol is at this stage invite-only, please make sure you add your contact information so the team can get back to you. 

We will continue to announce new features and partnerships over the coming weeks, so please subscribe to our newsletter and make sure you follow @fuul_xyz on X.