Fuul joins the Arbitrum Ecosystem

We are thrilled to announce Fuul's launch on Arbitrum

TL;DR: We are very excited for Fuul's launch on the Arbitrum ecosystem. Now projects on Arbitrum can set up conversion events pointing at their smart contracts, pay out commissions within the Arbitrum network, and use ARB as a payout token for their affiliate programs. Fuul is now LIVE in private beta - request access here

We are thrilled to announce Fuul's launch on Arbitrum, a Layer 2 technology in the Ethereum ecosystem. This move perfectly aligns with the protocol's mission to empower Web3 projects and affiliates, now within Arbitrum's thriving  ecosystem.

Why Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a Layer 2 scaling solution designed to augment the capabilities of Ethereum smart contracts, resulting in enhanced speed and scalability. 

Arbitrum has established itself as a prominent player in the blockchain space, boasting an impressive +54% market share in the Layer 2 segment as of today, with over 700,000 active wallets, and a Total Value Locked (TVL) exceeding $5.5 billion. While Arbitrum is widely recognized for its DeFi ecosystem, the ecosystem is rapidly growing into the gaming and NFT sectors too. 

Why is this important to projects building on Arbitrum?

For projects building on Arbitrum, this partnership offers several valuable advantages.

Measure onchain conversion events on Arbitrum

Arbitrum projects can set conversion events for transactions occurring within their Arbitrum smart contracts. This functionality allows projects to pay for referred transactions onchain.

Pay affiliate rewards on Arbitrum

Furthermore, projects can easily deploy their affiliate program smart contract on Arbitrum. This simplifies and enhances affiliate experience while claiming their rewards, as they will now be able to claim their rewards on the Arbitrum network.

ARB token can now be selected as a payout token

Fuul now natively supports ARB as a payout token for affiliate programs. This means that, for example, projects that have secured allocations through the recent STIP can use ARB tokens for commission payouts. 

Get started today

If you are building on Arbitrum and would like to set up yout affiliate marketing program today, please set up your profile on the Fuul app.
Given that the protocol is at this stage invite-only, please make sure you add your contact information so the team can get back to you. 

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