Base Name Service: 43% total domain sales through affiliate program

Base Name Service Sees 43% Sales from Affiliate Marketing Program Powered by Fuul

Base Name Service Sees 43% Sales from Affiliate Marketing Program Powered by Fuul

Project Name: Base Name Service

Category: Domain Names / NFTs

Homepage: Base Name Service

"Our affiliate program has been a game changer—by rewarding our affiliates generously, we’ve created a loyal and active community that continuously drives our growth. It’s a win-win”
JackJack.eth, founder Base Name Service, @jackjack_eth

The Challenge

Base Name Service (BNS) offers domain names or web3 user names for users, wallets, and websites. With the vision of becoming the standard identity layer for the booming base ecosystem, BNS faced several challenges.

1. Cold Start Problem: Firstly, they encountered a cold start problem, needing to drive adoption of domain names and secure partnerships with dApps to prove utility to buyers, requiring a substantial user base to convince dApps of the integration benefits.

2. Leveraging Community Power: Secondly, their initial launch, shared within niche NFT communities, had limited reach, necessitating a broader reach and feedback through incentivized marketing.

3. Rising Competition: Lastly, they faced rising competition from similar services, making it essential to differentiate and establish credibility through strategic partnerships. Time to market was crucial.

Solution: Launching an affiliate program on top of Fuul

BNS' Affiliate Program interface built fully on top of Fuul SDK

Base Name Service (BNS) deployed their affiliate marketing program on top of Fuul. This program offered affiliates a 25% revenue share for referred sales, aligning incentives between the project and its affiliates. To streamline onboarding and engagement, BNS built a custom affiliate page using the Fuul SDK - which allows affiliates to generate affiliate links, access branding materials, and claim their commissions. With this setup in place, BNS was able to engage with early adopters on Telegram and social media, collaborating with influencers and content creators within the Base ecosystem to enhance their reach and credibility.


1. Affiliate Program Setup:

• Tracked conversions via BNS’s smart contract mint function.

• 25% revenue share payouts automated through the affiliate program's smart contracts.

2. Marketing Resources:

• Developed a dedicated landing page for affiliates leveraging Fuul SDK (Affiliate Page).

• Offered a comprehensive branding kit (Branding Kit).

3. Community Engagement:

• Engaged alpha Base communities, dApps, and KOLs.

• Used social media and content marketing to boost reach and credibility.

Results - 43% Share of Affiliate Sales

• Between November 1st and February 29th, domain sales referred by affiliates accounted for a whooping 43% of total sales

• Onboarded 470 affiliates, generating over 6,000 clicks on referral links.

• Built a loyal and active community through strategic partnerships and incentives.

• Affiliates became vocal advocates, driving adoption and growth.


The Base Name Service case study demonstrates the effectiveness of affiliate marketing in the blockchain space. By leveragin the Fuul platform, BNS successfully overcame initial market entry challenges, differentiated from competitors, and significantly boosted sales. This case underscores the power of community-driven marketing and strategic incentive alignment in rapidly evolving industries.

Base Name Service: 43% total domain sales through affiliate program