Aurelius Finance: Driving 3x deposits and 6x borrowings through points program

Aurelius unlocks 3x liquidity, 6x borrowing volume through points program

Aurelius Finance boosts borrowing and deposits with Points Program

Company Name: Aurelius Finance

Category: DeFi

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Fuul has been instrumental in designing and launching our points program, and getting Aurelius off the ground. We knew we had a great product and offering, but Fuul enabled us to incentivize users at the right time with little to no effort from our side
Justin Bebis, Founder Aurelius Finance

The Challenge

Aurelius Finance is a DeFi protocol on Mantle that offers interest-free loans, using $aUSD – a stablecoin token designed to grow in tandem with Mantle (MNT). 

Aurelius Finance was launching a new innovative product into a new ecosystem and wanted to attract the attention of existing and prospective users. It was looking for a program that would allow it to provide incentives for people to not only make deposits but also hold onto those deposits to increase the total value locked (TVL) of the protocol. As such, it required a well-thought-out program that rewards long-term commitment.

The Solution

Aurelius' white label interface built on top of the Fuul SDK

Aurelius’s new Points Program is designed to reward participation with a unique reward called “Salt”. The team at Aurelius Finance uses Fuul SDK to import the leaderboard, users’ point status, referral links, and other key components of its points program.

Users acquire Salt by conducting various activities on the platform, including borrowing, lending, referring other users, and making deposits into the Stability Pool. The amount of Salt a user accumulates can be indicative of a user’s status or contribution to the Aurelius ecosystem.

Aurelius’ Points Program Terms

Aurelius' Points Interface

The Results: 3x Liquidity, 6x Borrowing Volume

Within the first 30 days of launching this program, the lending pool registered over 500 participants. Aurelius saw a three-fold increase in deposits to the platform while borrowing increased six-fold. 

On top of this, Aurelius’s total value locked (TVL) has increased by more than four times in two months: from $463k on 1 March 2024 to $2.1 million as of 3 May 2024, according to data from DefiLlama.

Aurelius Finance: Driving 3x deposits and 6x borrowings through points program